Benjamin Healy, Jr. or Little Ben Healy or just "Ben Healy" is a main character in the Problem Child film series. He was portrayed by the late John Ritter in the first two films, William Katt in the third film, and voiced by Mark L. Taylor in the animated series.


Ben is nice, good-natured, and caring man, He was hated by the neighbors, his own father, and his ex-wife in Cold River, but only loved by Junior. Ben has a dark side that he hardly shows. Ben divorces Flo at the end of the first film. Ben was looking for his true love as Ben fell in love with the school nurse of Junior's school, Annie Young in the second film and fell in love with a thearpist, Sarah Gray in the third film.


  • John Ritter (1-2)
  • William Katt (3)
  • Mark L. Taylor (Voice actor in animated series)


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