Benjamin "Big Ben" John Healy, Sr. is a main character in the Problem Child film series. He is portrayed by Jack Warden in all three films, but not in the animated series.


Big Ben is the selfish, backstabbing, and wealthy father of Ben "Little Ben" Healy, Jr. He despises his own son for being "too nice" and Junior, calling him "The Devil" upon their first meeting. He also hated Ben's ex-wife, Flo, calling her "the original pain in the ass." He owned his own successful sporting goods store, and he wouldn't even pass it on to his son. Big Ben ran for Mayor of Cold River, but lost due to insulting the citizens and showing his buttocks to the camera, revealing his true colors.

In the second film, Big Ben and his dog, Nippy had to move in with Ben and Junior because he was broke and creditors were after him. At the end of the second film, Ben reveals that he loves LaWanda, but only because she was rich.

Big Ben somehow got rich again in the third film, but still lived with his son and Junior.


  • Jack Warden (1-3)
  • Jonathon Harris (Voice actor in the animated series)