Problem-child l2-1-
Junior Healy
is the main protagnist of the Problem Child film series.


Junior is a mean-spirited, incorrigible, bad, mischievous, devilish, misunderstood, trouble making, thieving, and quite the prankster boy who leaves a path of destruction in his way. Junior was left at a door step by his biological mother and brought from home to home to home to a orphanage, but was brought back 30 times. Until his adoptive father, Ben Healy adopted him and Ben was the only dad that Junior loved. Junior hates clowns, Mr. Peabody, Big Ben Healy, Ben's ex-wife, Flo, and those who make fun or tease him. Junior's friends are Trixie, Cindy, Murph, and his pet mole.


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