Problem child two poster-2-
Problem Child 2
is the 1991 comedy film sequel to Problem Child. Unlike the previous film, this film is rated PG-13. The film stars Michael Oliver, John Ritter, Jack Warden, Amy Yasbeck, and Ivyann Schwan.

Ben Healy and his son, Junior move from Cold River to Mortville to start a new life after Ben's divorce.

Mr. Peabody is the new school principal who screams when Junior walks into his office, and sends him to the sixth grade, calling him a genius. Junior also meets Trixie Young, a girl who's worse than him, and her mother, Annie, the school nurse. Ben meets Annie after suffering a head injury, but when he asks her out for a date, she tells him she can't date anyone because of a problem at home.

Ben wants to remarry and give Junior a new mother, but Junior is against it, and ruins all of his father's dates. Big Ben Healy also moves in, despite hating his son and grandson.


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