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Trixie Young
is a main character in Problem Child 2 & was portrayed by Ivyann Schwan.


Trixie is more insane and mischevious than Junior. As she carries a lighter and M-80 dynamite sticks with her. She, first became enemies with Junior is when he popped her balloon. She then put on a sign on his back, flipped him and drew a marker mustache on his upper lip, and sprayed him with a water hose. She usually scares away the guys that her mother, Annie dates. Her favorite place to eat is Pizzaerific. Trixie becomes best friends with Junior after throwing food at Peabody and starting a food fight. She then ruins the wedding by carring the love rock with a bulldozer and having it roll down the aisle, she is last seen walking away with Junior, Ben, and her mother.

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